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Welcome to The Stretch Effect

Professional Stretching

Here at The Stretch Effect, we want to cater to your specific needs regardless of your physical condition.  The Stretch Effect's method will benefit athletes, weekend warriors, or the typical hard-working individual who suffers from discomforts due to an uncomfortable workspace, car travel, sedentary lifestyle, inactivity, etc. Unfortunately, the importance of engaging in a proper warm-up before stretching is often overlooked. At The Stretch Effect, we understand the impact an effective warm-up can have on achieving one’s flexibility goals.  With the combination of our offered Hypervolt vibration device, guided blood-flow promoting movements, and aided stretching, The Stretch Effect will provide you with an overall experience that will completely change your quality of life.

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About Us

The Method

The Stretch Effect’s method includes a process designed to provide each client with the optimal aided stretching experience. Our method focuses on the effectiveness of engaging in an aided stretch AFTER a proper and thorough warm up. With the application of our Hypervolt vibration device along with guided active and/or passive movements from our specialists, a proper warm-up is achieved. Post-warm-up, we begin the aided stretching, which is communication based in order to achieve the optimal benefits in terms of flexibility and range of motion progression. The Stretch Effect emphasizes a full body approach to stretching by targeting areas of common tightness while also specializing each program to every client’s needs. 

Furthermore, The Stretch Effect’s strap free stabilization by specialist approach offers a comfortable non-restrictive stretching experience. The Stretch Effect will offer various styles of stretching that will provide the optimal personalized stretching experience for each client. Passive-Static, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) with focus on Hold-Relax and Contract-Relax techniques, and Active-Assisted stretching will all be offered. Our one-on-one communication based aided stretching approach with emphasis placed on a proper warm-up are the principles that have been combined to create The Stretch Effect. 

What can The Stretch Effect do for you?


With our stretching techniques and offered Hypervolt vibration tool, clients may experience: 
Reduction and potential elimination of general muscle soreness and/or stiffness, an elevation in athletic potential, a significant decrease in frequency of muscle cramps, an alleviation of chronic muscle discomfort, an increase in blood flow, an increase in overall range of motion, a decrease in risk of injury, an improved ability to achieve everyday tasks, and an improved well-being!

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Hours of Operation

Mon - Thurs: 8am - 6pm

Fri: 8am - 4pm
Sat: By Appointment Only, 8am - 12pm
Sun: Closed

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Success is not a stretch, but it begins with one...

Tom R.

"After 10+ years of dealing with a degenerative hip, I decided at age 58 it's time to get it replaced. In order to prepare I wanted to get my core, hips legs as strong and flexible as I could prior to surgery. I started with The Stretch Effect 4 months prior to surgery and they helped me increase my flexibility and reduce pain to the point that I was having second thoughts about having surgery! Urged by friends and family I proceeded with my total hip replacement and expected a two to three month recovery. Well to the credit of The Stretch Effect's preparation and a fantastic Surgeon, I am way ahead of schedule on recovery. I was walking without assistance 4 days after surgery and, to the surprise of my Surgeon, after 4 weeks I have been cleared to do all activities...Amazing! Thanks to The Stretch Effect!".

Donna R.

"I have been seeing Nick for several years and can honestly say it has been life changing. I had shin splints so badly that I had to stop running for several months. I also struggle with siatic nerve issues. Since working with Nick I have run a few half marathons, made my PR on 5k's multiple times and feel better than I ever have. If at any point my siatic flares up I see Nick and I literally walk out pain free. Matt, Nick and Jamie are amazing people and so knowledgeable about the way the body works. On the business side of things I always support local businesses when I can. I promise you that if you try this you will not be sorry. Living in pain isn't necessary when there are people like this to help you. Go get a consultation!!!"

Dave M.

"The Stretch Effect is a first class experience and I consider them an excellent step-down from rehab. (Torn ham string). I have been a client for about one year. A must-have if you are coming off of surgery, pulled muscles or just need a way to stretch better. An investment in your health. I am usually not comfortable with any form of therapy sessions but the staff make you feel at home and make sure your therapy is customized to your needs. My response attached is a sincere appreciation for what they do."

Joan R.

I walked into Stretch Effect after my daughter who is a runner said how it helped her. I have had hip and knee replacement surgeries all within 3 years. Add the many years of compensation for these 3 problems and for many more years in constant pain. I was out of wack! I've been going for 3 months and progress is unbelievable to me. I am walking in fundraising events doing yoga and enjoying life once again. I truly recommend Stretch Effect. It is an investment I will always be thankful for and never regret ❤️."


Contact Us

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us via phone, email, or just come over to our office on Daniel Island.  We are located on the East end cap of the BB&T building on the River Landing side above South State Bank.


234 Seven Farms Drive Unit 123
Daniel Island, SC  29492



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